Be your healthiest best!

Wish you all a very happy new year!!


2017 is here. I believe this year is going to be the year of health. Even the new year messages said, “Look 20 and feel 17“. So it is going to be all about feeling good and being healthy.

Does this mean being skinny or having 6 packs?? NO. Let us not confirm to any images. Let us be our healthiest best!. Let us focus on internal health rather than the weighing scale. Let us have a glowing skin, healthy hair and a feel good factor.

All this is possible by giving your body good fuel. FOOD is what is primarily going to make it happen. Throw in some physical activity and good enough sleep and you will really “Look 20 and feel 17”.

My clients are varied and they stay with me for different time frames depending on the requirement. Few are there for 1 month, others for 3 months or more.But my aim is always that once they stop seeing me, they should still be able to maintain what they have lost. Because we all know that nothing is more depressing that gaining back lost kilos. A lifestyle change is the only thing that will prevent this from happening.

It is never too late to start. There are people who feel (and they say that to me) that diet means restrictions. They are scared to even venture out on the “diet road”. But it is not always true. Don’t make this excuse and prevent yourself from being your healthiest best.

I know what you all are thinking….that there are many other factors too like:

  1. I don’t have time.
  2. I don’t cook.
  3. I am too stressed with work.
  4. I travel a lot.
  5. I am a foodie
  6. I have cravings.
  7. I don’t like vegetables.
  8. I work in night shifts.
  9. I can’t control eating.
  10. I don’t feel hungry.
  11. I am hungry all the time.
  12. I am in shape, round is a shape 😉
  13. and so on and so forth………

These all stop us from achieving our health goals. I am sure many among you might have made a new year resolution to:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Be healthy
  3. Eat well or at least better
  4. Exercise
  5. Start green tea
  6. Try vegan diet
  7. Sleep enough and well

So January starts on a robust note and before we realise we fizzle out. Then we go through the year waiting for the next 1st January. Don’t wait. Start today and make a conscious effort. Small changes can make big difference.

  1. Drink water on waking up(It is shocking that many people don’t do this simple thing).
  2. Eat breakfast.
  3. Eat at least 1 fruit in a day.
  4. If you are a heavy tea/coffee drinker, cut down a couple of cups. First go for tea/coffee without milk and slowly try green tea.
  5. Don’t skip any meals.
  6. Eat seasonal.
  7. Drink lots of water.
  8. eat slowly, enjoy the food.
  9. Walk, it is an antidepressant too.
  10. Take the stairs.
  11. Munch mindfully.
  12. Increase the variety on your plate, add more veggies or legumes.
  13. Try and alternate different types of dals.
  14. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep.
  15. Hire  a cook if you are too busy.

These are small ways in which we can become healthier.

Hope this helps. Stay healthy, Stay happy 🙂


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