The goodness of sweet potatoes

Hey guys, it has been a while I blogged. Got tied up with a few things. But now I am back.

Nowadays as the winter season (in Mumbai??) is on, we get lots of sweet potatoes in the market. So what is the deal with sweet potatoes? Commonly known as Ratalu in Mumbai, these are a root vegetable, sadly ignored by many. But they are indeed a very healthy addition to your plate.

Following is the nutritional breakdown of Sweet potato:

  1. Sweet potatoes are basically carbohydrates, but they have both complex and simple carbohydrates.
  2. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of beta carotene. 100 gm of sweet potatoes fulfil your daily recommended allowance of vitamin A.
  3. Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamin C.
  4. Sweet potatoes have both soluble and insoluble fibre. 100 gm of sweet potatoes provide 3 gm of fibre.
  5. They are rich in vitamin B6. B6 helps to reduce homocysteine in our bodies. Homocysteine is linked to many degenerative diseases.
  6. Sweet potatoes are a good source of potassium and magnesium.

As you can see, sweet potatoes are a healthy food. They are majorly carbs and water.Due to the high carb content they have a medium to high glycemic index. Hence diabetics should be careful with these.

You can have sweet potatoes in many ways. raw, boiled, baked or steamed. You can substitute the roti or rice in your diet with sweet potato or enjoy it as an in between snack. Just don’t deep fry them please!

They are in season right now. So go, buy and enjoy.

Stay healthy, stay happy.


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