Oilseeds – Garden cress seeds(Aliv)


Hi friends, today’s oilseed – Garden cress seeds. In India these are known as Aliv or Halim seeds.

Garden cress  seeds are not very commonly used seeds and hence very less is known about them. The only time we may have heard about them is during lactation. But the benefits of these tiny seeds are beyond lactation period.

Health benefits:

  1. Garden cress seeds are rich in iron and folic acid. Herbal medicines use these seeds to cure iron deficiency anaemia.
  2. Garden cress seeds are also a rich source of calcium.
  3. Garden cress seeds are excellent galactogogues i.e. they help in increasing milk production in women post delivery.
  4. The  seeds contain linoleic fatty acids (good fat).
  5. Garden cress seeds are a rich source of carotenoids and vitamin E.
  6. These are a good source of vitamin C and hence improve immunity.
  7. Garden cress seeds are a rich source of protein. This along with its iron content, helps in maintaining hair health.
  8. Garden cress seeds keep the GI tract healthy.
  9. Garden cress seeds are packed with vitamin K which maintains our cardiovascular health.
  10. Garden cress seeds purify blood.

PS: These seeds should be consumed in moderation.

These are a few benefits of these little seeds. Now how do we use them?

Garden cress seeds are small red, brown seeds with a sharp, tangy and peppery flavour. Traditionally in India, they are used for making ladoos for post delivery consumption. Other ways are:

  1. Make ladoo or chikki. Checkout this lovely recipe here.
  2. Sprinkle garden cress seeds over salad or sandwich.
  3. Grind the garden cress seeds into a powder and add to your roti or paratha dough. (1 cup wheat flour: 1-1.5 tbsp garden cress seeds powder).
  4. Add some seeds to soups.
  5. Garden cress seeds are also sprouted and consumed.
  6. Garden cress kheer is also a delicacy.

Hope this explains about the healthy seeds.

Stay healthy, stay happy 🙂






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  1. Thanks for the link back. Your post describes aliv very beautifully. Will try in soups and salads


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