Stay healthy this monsoon

Yellow Umbrealla

Hi guys, monsoon is here!! Wow, the fragrance of the wet earth…… (we all want to bottle up that fragrance, right?)

Monsoon is beautiful, no doubt. But it brings along with it a host of diseases and those MASSIVE CRAVINGS!!!!! Yes, the cravings for fried and crunchy stuff especially pakodas (fritters). We indulge in these kind of stuffs and the kilos pile on and on. But why do we crave fried food during monsoons?

The rains are a huge respite after a scorching and long summer. It instantly puts us in a happy and relaxing state of mind. In that state of mind we tend to munch mindlessly and reach out for comfort foods.

Also the drop in temperature brings our body temperature down and hence we reach for foods that keep us warm.

Toh ab kya hum enjoy bhi na karein??? Why not? But “mindfully not mindlessly”

  1. The craving is generally for hot food. So try hot soup with veggie chunks or wholewheat soup sticks.
  2. Instead of deep frying, have tawa fried tikkis.
  3. Corn on the cob-roasted or boiled.
  4. Crunchy vegetable sticks (soak the veggie sticks in icecold water for some time for that extra crunchiness) with chatpata dips.
  5. If you crave bhel or chaats, prepare them at home and make them healthier by adding veggies, fruits and legumes.
  6. Hot chocolate
  7. Freshly baked wholewheat cakes without cream if you crave sweet.

These are some examples to enjoy this monsoon without compromising on your health. Be innovative and come up with ideas for a healthy you.

A few precautions to keep diseases, especially gastrointestinal diseases away:

  1. Wash your vegetables and fruits thoroughly.
  2. Avoid green leafy vegetables as they harbour germs. If using, wash under running water several times.
  3. Keep surfaces dry especially kitchens and bathrooms. The wet and humid surfaces are breeding grounds for germs.
  4. Change home linen often.
  5. Carry your own water or get bottled water.
  6. Avoid eating out.
  7. Avoid sea food.

Enjoy a healthy and happy monsoon!!

P.S. Most important: Don’t let monsoon derail your exercise routine. Keep moving.



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