Eat smarter-healthy food swaps

Food swap #4 Veggies from supermarket with veggies from local sabziwalla (vegetable vendor)

local veg.jpg

I know the convenience of going to the supermarket and stocking up all the local and exotic vegetables and fruits. But buying vegetables from the local sabziwalla is anytime a better option for the following reasons:

  1. The local vendor stocks the seasonal produce. Eating seasonal produce is a great way to stock up on the nutrients required during that period.Buying imported produce from supermarkets is not a good idea as the produce has travelled a great distance and has lost its many nutrients. Also, it may not be seasonal.
  2. The local vendor doesn’t have a storage place so usually he buys small quantity and sells it off. The supermarkets have enough space to stock the produce and hence we end up getting stale stuff.
  3. The vegetables and fruits from the local vendor are crunchier and firmer compared to the (often wilted) vegetables from the  supermarket.

So eat local and think global 🙂



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