Top 3 emotional states that derail your weight loss goals

Guys, we have all been through this right?? It happens many times that we make weight loss goals or healthy eating goals and they get derailed after a while.

Here are the top 3 emotional states which are the culprits.




#1. Stress and anxiety: Everyone reacts differently to stress. Some people eat less and some more to soothe themselves. This can be attributed to stress hormone Cortisol. Cortisol rises in response to stressful situations. In doing so, it increases the availability of sugars (glucose) in the bloodstream as part of our inherent fight-or-light survival response. Our body is likely to store this extra glucose as fat. So if your focus is weight loss, you need to find ways to calm your mind. Focus on the positives of life, indulge in hobbies, meditate, cycle, walk,  anything. In fact, exercise is a great stress buster and also a fat buster! A stressed mind is not going to allow you to lose weight. So breatheeeee!.

#2. Feeling low: This one is for all those times when we indulge in emotional eating. As kids, we used to get treats when we were sad, usually sweet, sugary or deep fried savoury treats. Our mind makes a connection between sadness and treat. So every time we feel low we reach for that pastry, chips or fried chicken. STOP. Unlearn this habit and relearn new ways of dealing with such situations. Reach out to friends and talk it out. Go figure…

#3. Sleep deprivation: Lack of sleep is also a stress factor for the body. The later we sleep, the higher the chances of binging at night. Lack of sleep also slows down our metabolism. Lack of sleep makes us feel dull and we are most likely to reach for caffeine rich and calorie dense foods the next morning. All this throws the weight loss goals off the track. Having a sleeping schedule is good for starters. We must make an effort to sleep early and wake up at the same time every day.

Stay healthy, stay happy!! 🙂





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