Really, why???

This question has crossed many minds, especially many busy minds.So what’s the real deal? Does it really matter? Is breakfast really so important?

The answer is a loud YES.

In my practice, I meet many people and 95% of them skip breakfast. This includes those who take tea and biscuits because that is not breakfast. So why is breakfast so important? Let us find out.



  1. Breaking fast: The name says it all – “BREAK FAST”. Our body is fasting throughout the night and hence, breakfast breaks that fast.
  2. Preventing overeating during the day: This long fasting and then skipping breakfast leads to an increase in the hunger hormone- ghrelin. This leads to overeating later in the day.
  3. Improves concentration: Breakfast helps in stabilizing our blood glucose levels. As glucose is the only source of energy for the brain, a healthy breakfast definitely improves our concentration and productivity.
  4. Prevents energy slump: A healthy breakfast prevents energy slump during mid-morning by providing us with a steady release of energy.
  5. Essential nutrients: A healthy breakfast takes care of providing us with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  6. Weight management: Some people think that skipping breakfast will lead to a weight loss. But skipping any meal leads to a weight gain. Eating at regular intervals keeps our metabolism moving. Also, if you skip breakfast you are more likely to overindulge in the next meal and reach for fatty, sugary stuff. Hence, regular breakfast eaters manage their weight better.

I am sure that these are more than enough reasons to eat your breakfast.

A few tips:

  1. Eat your breakfast within 2 hours of waking up.
  2. Have a healthy, balanced breakfast.
  3. Don’t drink your breakfast, eat it. So only tea, milk, milkshake, coffee, juice-NO.
  4. Try to include food items from various food groups in your breakfast.
  5. Some great breakfast options are: eggs, whole wheat sandwiches, oats, poha, upama, dosa, idli, cereal with milk, vegetable/egg wraps.



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