A to Z skin foods: P-Papaya

Good evening friends, hope you all are doing good.  Tell me something, are you all taking care of your skin by eating all these amazing skin foods? If you all are, good, but if not then please start doing it. Better late than never……

Today’s alphabet is P and the skin food is Papaya.


Papaya is a tropical fruit. It is a sweet fruit with musky undertones and is available throughout the year. It can be truly called a skin food as it is packed with nutrients to keep our skin glowing and healthy all year round. Let’s take look.

  1. Skin repair: Anti-oxidants like flavanoids, vitamin A, vitamin C etc. help in the repair of skin damaged by exposure to sun, smoke, pollution, chemicals etc.
  2. Natural exfoliation: Papaya has special enzymes called papain which act as an exfoliation agent by breaking down the surface of the skin cells, locking in moisture, reducing pore size and keeping wrinkles at bay. Thus it gives you a radiant and glowing skin.
  3. Anti-aging: Due to papaya’s abundance of natural alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) it helps make your skin look brighter, plumper and smoother. Papaya is a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen which maintains skin elasticity and keeps skin supple and youthful.
  4. Anti inflammatory: Research has found that papaya’s proteolytic enzymes can be just  as effective as many non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Papaya makes a great multi-purpose balm too. In Australia they call papaya ‘paw paw’ fruit and many companies produce a paw paw butter moisturiser for lips, face and skin.
  5. Aids digestion: Papayas contain soft, easily digestible flesh with a good amount of soluble dietary fiber that helps to have normal bowel movements; thereby reducing constipation problems. A healthy digestive tract always reflects on our skin keeping it healthy.
  6. Glowing skin: Papaya has an incredibly high amount of antioxidants making it amazingly effective at removing dead skin cells and aid skin repair. ​Which means that it can give you radiant skin. Antioxidants in papaya help in de-tanning and lightening of dark patches.For a quick natural pick-me-up apply fresh thin slices of papaya on your face for 25 minutes.

Enjoy this truly amazing skin food and have beautiful, glowing skin!! (along with other many benefits)





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