A to Z skin foods: N-Nectarine

Hi friends, hope you all are doing great. I missed out on a few days of writing my posts…. So here I am with today’s alphabet N and the skin food is Nectarine.


Nectarines are basically peaches with smoother skin. But nutritionally they are almost same. So don’t worry if nectarines are not available near you. You can always grab a peach instead.

Following are the benefits of nectarines for skin:

  1. Beta carotene and vitamin A: The bright orange-red color of nectarines is due to its high beta-carotene content. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant that helps protect the body from damage from free radicals. Beta-carotene is also converted by the body into vitamin A. Vitamin A helps build and maintain healthy skin.
  2. Vitamin C: Vitamin C in nectarines may protect molecules from being damaged by free radicals and other chemicals that cause cellular changes. Vitamin C plays an important role in collagen synthesis which helps to maintain the elasticity of our skin. It also helps in keeping the tissues toned up and maintains the youthfulness of the skin.
  3. Lutein: Our body uses lutein to support healthy eyes and skin. Lutein is an important antioxidant because it helps destroy the presence of free radicals in your body. In addition to this, research study has advocated the photo-protective effect of lutein present in nectarines in guarding the skin from UV-induced damage.
  4. Potassium: Potassium is a mineral that is necessary for electral and cellular functions in the body. It regulates pH balance of the body. If the body fluids are balanced, problems like boating and water retention are avoided. This helps in maintaining healthy skin.
  5. Other vitamins: Nectarines are rich in B-complex vitamins like niacin, pantothenic acid, thiamin, and pyridoxine. In addition to this it contains iron, zinc, copper and phosphorus.

So guys eat nectarines or peaches and enjoy!!


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