Is your kitchen making you fat??

Look around: big plates, wide glasses, transparent cookie jars…all these are making you fat!

Ya  Ya I am hearing what you are thinking – “how is that even possible?”.

It is because we are always taught to finish the food in our plates. So bigger plates means more food. So smaller dinner plates will help you eat less. Similarly we end up drinking more soft drinks in wider glasses. Instead opt for slim and tall glasses because we focus on the height of beverages when pouring a portion. Transparent cookie jars are just too tempting. I don’t need to say more. Swap them with opaque containers. In fact don’t store cookies in the first place. Buy a little quantity fresh batch and enjoy once in a while.

So do you need to discard the older, more tempting utensils??? NO. Just use them judiciously.

Use the bigger plates for eating salads, The wider glasses for water and the transparent jars for healthy grains or muesli or nuts. Be creative. 🙂








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